Academic Archive

This is the part with the archive of the blogs I wrote about my academic work. I did a PhD in the neuroscience of language, focusing on sound symbolism (or how we link the sounds we make with the things we mean), and it was a lot of fun. I now work in data visualisation, which is what I’ll be writing about most now, and that’s also a lot of fun.

Synthesised size/sound sound symbolism: the MS Paint version

ERP graph competition!

How iconicity helps people learn new words: the MS Paint version

Sound-symbolism boosts novel word learning: the MS Paint version

On Open ideology

(almost) everything you ever wanted to know about sound-symbolism research but were too afraid to ask

Ideophones in Japanese modulate the P2 and late positive complex responses: the MS Paint version

Putting the graph into electroencephalography

The only way is ethics

An ode to participants

From codas to coding: how to make the move from linguistics into experimental research

Ghost literature is haunting science

Papers of the year 2014